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October and a song – Surfer Girl

October 23rd, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Summer’s gone and fall has arrived and is, and has been, in full swing. Cold weather is creeping in. Something I suppose I should be used to by now. Not my favorite time of year. The changing colors of the leaves is a thing of beauty. Wish it didn’t have to come with cold temps. Think I’m just getting old and cranky.

I bring all this up why? I have a new song! Finally. Well, it’s a cover song, but it’s a start right? Time to get out of this dryspell funk and start pumping out some musica. It’s been WAY too long. It’s a Beach Boys song which will always remind me of summer and the beach and yes, WARMTH 🙂

This has been by far the most challenging cover I ever attempted, strictly from a vocal point of view. Sounds like a simple song but it’s The Beach Boys. Incredible harmonies when you really listen and try to break it down. I tried my best and think it’s sort of close. As challenging as this was, it was still a lot of fun and I learned a lot in the process. Doing covers, for me, has always been about the learning process. Learning different techniques and ways of doing things that will inevitably find it’s way into my own songs. I was asked to do another one and I’ll be working on that one soon.

Oh yeah, one other thing. This is the very very very first time I actually played drums on a song instead of programming them through a plugin. It’s an electronic drum set which is going through the Abbey Road 60’s drums software. I’m still using some kind of software to manipulate the sounds, but at least I finally get the satisfaction of bashing on the drums instead of a keyboard. I’m also going to start putting out track sheets for all the songs I record moving forward. I enjoy looking at track sheets to see what instruments were used and how many vocal overdubs were done, etc. Hopefully you will too.

Here’s the song. Hope you like it. – CC



PS – Here’s an older song I wrote. It’s about mermaids but it’s also about the ocean.



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